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Part of it is you're much more hesitant to wreck a $45k-$55k car than a $10k E46.

I also agree. My FI'd E46 330 is about 15-20 hp down (maybe) with about 40 more wtq vs my E90 M3. Despite all of the issues I've had with my E46 I still enjoy the car on the track a LOT more than my M3. The E46 is a lot more tactile. I run on a track with a superspeedway oval as part of the front straight. I hit 140+ MPH at the end of it in my E46 and it feels fast. I hit the 155mph speed limiter in my E90 and it feels like I'm going 100mph. In fact, I almost went off the f'ing track because I didn't think I was going that fast and didn't brake enough.

Basically, a buddy who usually rides with me at the track as a passenger made an observation. I can be going 80mph through a corner in my E90 and it feels like nothing. I can go the same speed through the same corner in my E46 and he's holding on to the armrest for dear life.

There's something about hanging on a vette's bumper down the straight in my "lowly" E46. Don't knock the E9X M3. It is an amazing machine FAR beyond my capabilities to drive at the limit.

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