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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Design small flange that goes around the perimeter of the vents on the underside of the hood, you may want this anyway just for rigidity. Design a black ABS plastic cover with 3 or 4 barbed tabs that latch onto this flange hold it in place; you could send the design off to an injection molder and probably get them for like $20 each. Use some adhesive backed foam strip on the cover to seal out water and prevent marring or rattling.

add huge HPF markup and BAM! $300 seal able vent option that people would buy just to keep pollen and little drops of water off the top of their engine.
Less than 200usd please. The hood will be expensive enough. If the cover is designed to be fast and easy to put on, then I imagine more than 50% of hood buyers would also buy a removable cover(s).

Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
People need to ask why Vorsteiner stopped making the GTR hood.

My guess is that the demographic of M3 owners has changed, and that "current" M3 owners don't see value in a $2000 hood. A person that can afford to buy a $55k car is going to have a different disposable income versus a person that can afford to buy a $25k car.

My personal view on this is that HPF needs to decide what THEY want out of designing and selling their own hood. Do they want to make a market statement with a functional design? Do they want to adapt to general market consensus to sell volume?

If I was managing this project, I would probably bring in a big name aero guy like Andrew Brilliant to do both. Chris...he's worth calling.
You bring up VERY interesting points. I hear you.

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