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Just so there's no confusion...this thread is not questioning just one FI company. I'm taking them ALL on so AA, ESS, VF, or whomever else made an MS45 kit should address this to customers that intend to use their FI's MS45 330 on the track. Because everyone wants to hear that their kits can take anything to include track abuse so they can sell more kits. For the sake of other fanatics...I don't think that's true. This is a discussion to either prove me wrong (which I really hope because I like driving my car on the track), to develop a fix, or to just leave it alone and render an FI'd M45 330 a ticking bomb on the track.

Also, I have not and will not go to AA to tell them they need to pay for my motor because that is ridiculous. There have been some shop missteps that AA is not accountable or responsible for. Not saying that AA seemed all knowing either which, IMO, they should if they sell and tune FI kits for a car. With that said, both sides are working hard to fix this.

Be AWARE that my car sees a service requirement that you do not normally see on this forum. Dyno runs are child's play. This kit sees real abuse in real tough conditions.
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