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My Ride: 2003 BMW 330i ZHP
I have a 2003 ZHP 330i - I autox this car (SCCA STX) and drive it a couple days per week. It is now track worthy so I will be back to the track for time trials next summer.

The E46 is not bigger and not much heavier than the E36. Here is the data I used when deciding what to replace my RSX with.

Year & Model------------------HP---TRQ--Weight--Wheelbase--OAL----OAW
2001/2/3/4/5 (E46)330i--------225--214---3285----107.3-------176----68.5
2003 330i ZHP----------------235--222---3285----107.3-------176----68.5
1998/99/00 (E36) 328ci 328i---193--206---3197----107.3-------176.7--69.2

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