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Thanks for the reply

I feel the amount of driving I have done and the conditions I have done them under would amount to setting at least one of the readiness monitors to ready. It has been weeks of driving with no change.
Evap, O2 sensor, O2 heater, catalyst, and secondary air are all "not ready"
In NY we can only have 1 monitor not ready.
I understand the multiple cold start and other test implications. I have tried many times to set any and all of the monitors with no luck. It seems that many people have issues with setting one or two monitors, but I haven't found a case where none of them will set.
One thing I came across searching is that if the battery voltage is too low none of the monitors may ever set. I measured voltage at 12.0 cold prior to start. Is it worth buying a new battery just to rule this out.
I'm 3 months over due on my inspection now and very disappointed with this car.
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