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Hi all,

My initial post didnít throw up many responses so now that weíre a few weeks down the line I thought Iíd give a quick update on my situation...

I bought a diagnostic lead and software so been having a play with that on my notebook, managed to establish a P0705 fault within the gearbox which is an intermittent fault on the ďneutral position switchĒ (part number 24107507818). DIS suggested checking all connections and lines first before thinking about replacement... It only happens when the car is cold and can be replicated only by wiggling the shift lever whilst in PARK, or having been placed in park... Nowhere else... (the parking pawl can be faintly heard and felt when applying the brake so that rules any problem out with that)
Iíve decided to have the gearbox oil / filter/ sump change widely recommended, and see if things improve. I donít want to fork out £225 ($360) plus labour for a new switch unless Iím absolutely sure thatís the problem. (The oil change is only £150!) So many times before you hear of replacements not fixing a problem... Iím starting with the obvious in having the oil change, and am also going to clean my MAF which may be contributing to a fluctuating idle. The vehicle has recently had a full service so when I have observed it running for a few more weeks Iíll report back with an update.
I know that there is a switch of some sort right next to the shift lever so I can't help thinking that because the cog of death appears when the shift lever is wiggled around it MIGHT be something to do with that??? (part no.8171666) Anyone with any thoughts on this??? Cheers...
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