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Originally Posted by ngillan View Post
So I'm moving into a 3 BR house this week (renting). I am really good friends with the lady that lived there before me with her 3 year old daughter. She told me that the neighbors across the street keep a good eye on the place and looked after her (being a single mother with a young girl in a so/so neighborhood I saw this as a good thing). It turns out the father of the house across the street is a customer of the bank I work at and I see him about once a week and am very friendly with him and he is aware that I am moving into the house.

First week of moving in:
Day 1: I pull in, mother comes outside within 5 min. of me being there and writes down my lisence plate #. She then sits in her car and watches me until I leave.
Day 2: I pull in and as I'm unloading things I can see the outline of a figure standing in the doorway (glass front door) watching me the entire time I'm unloading. As I'm leaving the son pulls up (with another guy, both are approximately 25-30 years old). I make direct eye contact with them and wave, they both just stare at me.
Yesterday: After work I took some boxes over there at 6:00pm it was already dark at this point, after I finish unloading, as I'm going to my car I see a HUGE black dude standing on their front porch staring at me (not smoking or anything, he's just outside watching me) so I wave and get nothing, as I back out of the driveway I roll down my window and wave again, nothing.

Not meaning to be racist or intentionally disrespectful but their background is unintelligent African American.
WTF is wrong with these people.

Just wondering what I can do to "mess" with these people, I don't want to really start off on the wrong foot with new neighbors (especially since the dad is a customer) but I do want to let them know that I know they're watching me, and yes I have read the "flood light thread". LOL
I'm having a hard time following. The people watching you are the people you described in the beginning, that were friendly with the single mom you are friends with, and moving into her old house?

If so, ask you friend to introduce you, or failing that, go over there and introduce yourself. IMO, having a good relationship with your neighbors makes your life SO much easier, ESPECIALLY in a so-so neighborhood.

You may be totally misinterpreting their actions, and they may only be shy. You should do everything you can to start off on the right foot...
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