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Originally Posted by Recon2005 View Post
Power steering res is a tight fit. I have to unbolt it to check the dipstick. Not that big a deal to me...
Yeah, unbolting to get to dipstick isn't that big of a deal i guess. I'm more concerned that it's scratching my Vorstiener hood since it touches, so i put a piece of dynamat on the reservoir lid for now until i find another solution.

I thought i remembered seeing a company that makes a replacement part for this to solve this... Like a shorter revoir or something. Either that or I'll move it to the passenger side since i don't have a washer fluid tank anyway.

Originally Posted by Recon2005 View Post
This will get quieter over time.

Really? I hope so. I thought maybe it was loud because it was low on sc oil, but the dipstick showed normal level. I guess I'll just have to hope & wait & see. Thanks for the replies!

Originally Posted by TrippinBimmer View Post
My FS thread is not relevant from my s/c install. These are parts I have laying around the house.


BTW: Sorry OP for getting this OT...
No worries
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