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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
and yet you still don't understand the information that has been presented. the argument is pretty much put to rest with the information that has been presented in the last few pages of this thread. i guess you'll always either refuse to accept it or don't understand it.
regardless, i'm sure anyone searching can gain some knowledge from at least the last few pages of this thread and understand the zhp rack situation.
there's really nothing else to argue about. everything has been cleared up. realoem is wrong based on what rich has said about the '01+ racks. 712 is the zhp rack and it also extended to others. possibly the 330's that have the 712 rack received it under the "over boosted steering recall"
not sure if you car was part of that, mango.
there's really no rhyme or reason for some of the things bmw does. some people know that stereos sometimes affected the spring color codes for the suspension. however there are always 576 exceptions to every "rule" bmw has. we will never understand, or recognize a pattern in the steering racks from bmw. it just can't be done. so i will put out the bottom line:

the 712 rack is the zhp rack. other 330s received it but there is no noticeable pattern to which ones actually got it and why. the majority of non zhp 330s got the 678 zf rack or the TRW rack.

Not sure what you're getting at or what you're trying to argue. I'm the one posting research and information. I spent 2 hours on this last night researching realOEM as well as getting two actual cars on a LIFT) What do you mean I don't understand the information that's being presented? It's ME who is presenting the information! Have you seen the last couple of pages??

At this point, Rich and the other ZHP owners are arguing 712 racks are different internally depending on which model they're installed on. So Rich said he's going to order several racks and tear them down. You do know we're waiting for those results right? You did read that, right?

Alex323ci, Terraphntm, and myself are the ones that are saying the 712 is the ZHP rack. WE are the ones that have been arguing that based on part numbers and photographic evidence. That is US and has BEEN us.

One more negative comment from you and I am putting you on ignore permanently! This isn't productive. You came to this thread late and you really don't know what's currently going on. Read.
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