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There is nothing better quality or brighter than the Orion V2 or the Orion V4.
You can go for a less expensive Orion Lite (we can even do offset sizes, but the problems with oversized rings has been discussed ad naseum on this forum).

Below is a response posted a few months back.

Originally Posted by umnitza View Post
Answering the same question and comment for the 10000th time is not fun, but since you probably haven't been around long enough to see the last 4 years of responses, this post should help you out. If you need any more examples, please visit the Orion Photos thread. I'm sure you'll find some more cut off photos there, but from dead ahead, none of the Orions look cut off, while oversized rings do, see below for more detail...

Posted from another forum - way back when.

Ring installation is a big factor in how the rings look. If your headlights are adjusted to low or too high or too far to the right or left, rings that are too big or designed to contour the way the reflector bowls work are nothing short of poor design. When the headlight is adjusted +/- a few degrees off center, an oversized ring will disappear either below the trailing edge of the trim pieces of the varying headlights. That is to say, our rings are designed to fit:
1) Bosch/AL Halogen/Xenon/Bixenon
2) ZKW Halogen/Bixenon
3) Aftermarket DEPO
4) Auto Leveling and non-Auto-Leveling
5) All variations of lights in between.

Let me explain to you why. Rings are not easy to build. You need to pay for molds, injection machines, manufacturing, etc. We are the ONLY company that has taken the necessary steps to actually engineer our rings from ground up since we have been doing this longer than nearly everyone except BMW. Everyone except us buys these rings knocked off in China, with poor manufacturing (we've seen all the knock off rings, including the latest that are designed to look like ours). The others didn't pay for any molds, they just asked the nearest "cheapo" Chinese factory to knock it off for them.

Here are the key differences that ours have that even the "Orion knock off" doesn't have - without going into very specific details or the competitors may actually pull off a duplicate instead of a knock off.
1) high polish acrylic ring - the competitors on ebay and elsewhere have dead acrylic that is not high quality GE Polymer based.
2) hardened acrylic ring - the competitors use a softer less durable compound to "cut costs"
3) high output wide band Led -the competitors use a narrow, slightly lower output band of LED - designed to "last longer despite board design drawbacks"
4) high tensile strength clips - this is part of the way hardened acrylic works, it removes "memory loss" over time for Orion rings, while competitors use cheap soft plastic clips that fail or need to be glued in place.
5) sealed solder points - competitors use exposed solder points.

There are many other points to make regarding our regulation boxes, our quality construction, are indestructibility, etc. But those 5 points define why you should never settle for cheaper (not less expensive but CHEAPER) quality even if it's only $10-50 less.

This is what our product is capable of:

So, let's speak of your fitment!
This is our product compared. Perfect fitment, while the other rings are "cut off" - this is proper installation with headlights adjusted at the same angles on both sides.

Our Chromiums were actually oversized a little, note how they dip below a properly adjusted headlight into the trim.

CCFL vs Orion V2

And now, for the perfect fitting Orion V2

And this is what happens when the rings are too big.
Now, you may not want to buy the parts from umnitza, that's your prerogative, but our parts are faultless for this product. Everything has been factored into this product and even now 4 years after introduction, it remains one of the most if not the most reliable lighting product on the market.

We hope you choose the Orion V2 as thousands upon thousands of others have, you will never be disappointed by them.
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