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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
it does. it's the 712 rack. look mango, this is my last post for a while in this thread. you're driving me crazy. i'll try to help you one last time, and i think i know where you're getting confused.
there's a certain point where rich, and realoem are conflicting. the 678 rack or TRW, according to rich, was put in the 330 until the last one was made and it was the common non-zhp rack.
according to realoem, which you seem to follow religiously, the 678 rack stops for USA 330s in 01.
i'm going to go with rich on that because he gets cores back everyday from post 2001 cars and i'm sure he has statistics to back up his posts where he says that the 678 or TRW are the common racks in those cars. making the 712 rack exclusive to the zhp and a SELECT FEW NON ZHP 330s

that's it. the facts are there. you can choose to hold hands with realoem. but in this case, it is incorrect and the facts presented are solid.
Still have no clue what you are trying to say. i feel like you went online, copied and pasted a bunch of words, and randomly threw them in a post. you're now on ignore--permanently.
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