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I just have such a hard time seeing anybody put a PENNY into making a 325 more powerful. It is a HUGE waste IMO. Sell the car and buy a used M. now is perfect time to buy. Even with a 330, you have a chance for some fun. But a 325.....just forget about it. Really.

At least do an engine transplant,,,an S54...anything but what you have.

I dont like the idea of NOS on anything except as a spray bar to cool the OUTSIDE of an intercooler. Nos is so potentially dangerous to your motor and you get only a few seconds and you are done. Finished. Refills all the time...time after time have got to be a pain.

Power adders should be on demand and something available all the time. I can see so many situations where you have blown your load (emptied the NOS bottle) and need more desperately 11Pm on a Sat. night 30 miles from home.

Tom's NOS is much differnt. he already has HUGE power and is using it as icing. Dome properly, it can have a cooling effect and work just great sprayed on a turbo car. Even with fail safes, I have still heard of guys exploding their motors. I personally would never chance using NOS. It can turn your motor to dust in a split second.

Yes, I am sure there are plenty of guys that can post that they have done hundreds of sprays. There are plenty that only did ONE spray too. It was a doozy.
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