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I was just saying in the perfect world that marking wouldnt mean it was in the right place to start with and maybe that is why bushing wore out faster. I doubt it matters much when car is sitting as far as wear on bushing but when driving (say hitting a bump) the bushing would have more twist put on it if it already had twist force on it hen sitting in relaxed state.I would guess 100% of the bushings that are twisted loose from the rubber are torn from the rubber because of too much twist force on bushing. Bracket has to be bolted into place before tightening the main center bolt correct? Therefore if bolt is tightened while wheels are off ground it will have load on it when car is on ground. I believe that if car was off the ground a foot and all tires sitting on blocks( susp normally compressed) that that would be the time to do the final torquing of main center bolt. Pretty sure if this bushing had too much load on it would take lots of the force before your shockabsorber would. I dont think that this would benefit shocks near as much as it would hurt the longevity of the rtabs

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