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the only reason I ask is because you need to be realistic on what power you will actually use the car with. Dyno queen is cool, but once you go to a big boy clutch that will hold 900 ft-lb of trq reliably, plain cruising around goes to shi1. Stop and go traffic can be a nightmare. Speaking from personal experience.

It coulda been traction control or you coulda been hitting a fault action. Only when I hit a fault action with my Proefi, does the car make loud popping noises because it is set for a hard cylinder cut. Solid motor mounts will not contribute to shaking. That is very concerning as something is way outta alignment/balance.

Good luck with your choice on clutches. I told myself when my clutch goes, a gear vendor equipped TH400 is going in.

Regardless, Larry will get everything perfect over the winter!!
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