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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
If you have the software there is PLENTY you can monitor via a laptop. I have seen it done..but just for tuning purposes, not for display only. I suppose...why not?

I didn't know 94 was so readily available. You should have that tune available to look at. Would it be hard for HPF ton get a hold of the exact same gas in Oregon somehow? Somebody would have to ship it in, I would think. Maybe ship the car full of 94?
Shipping the car down here with his 94 Pump Gas would be the only way I can guarantee it would be done right. Even though John is here now we wont be throwing together different tunes all the time. If a customer wants a few extra pounds of boost thats something simple we can do for a fee. We will be rolling out the new HPF tunes with what Injectors, Wastegate, Turbo and other options you will need to work properly. You always have the option to ship us the vehicle to tune to whatever specific components you would like to run. Tuning is only "A la carte" if the vehicle is with us
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