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Ya I am most likely going to swap the oem drive shaft in unless they can fix my one piece drive shaft
Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Oh, right. The shaking. Yeah, drive shaft and solid motor mounts are not helping exactly. I guess keep the mounts while you swap out drive shafts.
I assume that is your plan? I dont blame you concerning the boost level.
Smart thing to do was hold back!
Ya I feel you, but there's no way I'm putting a automatic transmission in my car... I am sure Larry will perfect the car over the winter
Originally Posted by str8dum1 View Post
the only reason I ask is because you need to be realistic on what power you will actually use the car with. Dyno queen is cool, but once you go to a big boy clutch that will hold 900 ft-lb of trq reliably, plain cruising around goes to shi1. Stop and go traffic can be a nightmare. Speaking from personal experience.

It coulda been traction control or you coulda been hitting a fault action. Only when I hit a fault action with my Proefi, does the car make loud popping noises because it is set for a hard cylinder cut. Solid motor mounts will not contribute to shaking. That is very concerning as something is way outta alignment/balance.

Good luck with your choice on clutches. I told myself when my clutch goes, a gear vendor equipped TH400 is going in.

Regardless, Larry will get everything perfect over the winter!!
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