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Originally Posted by AfghanScarface View Post
Wait.. So if i am to understand this correctly the steak is returned to the pan after the oven simply to infuse the Au Poivre sauce for a very short time correct?
1. Sear steak in pan
2. Move steak to oven
3. Flámbé cognac and add the remaining elements of the Au poivre to pan
4. Finish steak breifly in pan containing Au Poivre
I've come a long way since this thread lol.....

The issue with my previous recipe was that i was using enough for like, 12 friggin steaks. With that much cream, you needed to cook it low because if you cook it on high, the cream and butter will separate, then leave you with a sauce looking like an STD

But ya... cook the steak, take it off and let it rest, hit the pan with cognac, let it deglaze, add some butter, shallots, whole peppercorns, and cream... within 5 min your sauce should be ready to go and your steak will be properly rested.

I have now learned to cook the steak a little lower that way it cooks 100% in the pan, no stove necessary. Cool on a rack and tent it to keep i warm.
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