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Originally Posted by Joe Trojan View Post
Thanks man. I do have some news though. That bike was stolen 2 weeks after I bought it. Scumbags I tell ya. So I didn't get to fully enjoy it.

This past weekend I got the 2013 Specialized Sport Disc 26, a step down from the 29. I like the color scheme and figured the profile would be lower. Although I have my hesitations, I did pick up a Kryptonite u-lock also.

I'm wondering if this truly is a good mtb bike since it's also listed as "recreational." i figured it'd work well for me as a mtb n00b.
Go out and have fun on it. Upgrade it if it breaks. Don't look into a new bike for at least a season.

This bit is from personal experience:

Just like with cars, don't hang out on mtbr too much. It's a great knowledge base, but it will make you unnecessarily unhappy with your gear, and it will in turn cost you lots of money. Bikes are about riding, and I think you've got a good one! Enjoy it, and enjoy the experiences you'll have on it.


"All lies and jest, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

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