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Originally Posted by Beamer Creamer View Post
The preload is stress on bushing when car is in relaxed state sitting on level ground right? So this straight bar technique is just a coincidence that the rtab to body mount is bolted at that angle.... Or is it? I thot bracket bolted in close to exactly horizontal with car? If so then this straight edge wouldnt be that yardstick technique roughly the book way to set preload? Theoretically if downforce on car at relaxed state of car could be kept on suspension while while removing bracket bolts the rta bracket should move away from surface looking flush and not twisting one way or the other. Im pretty sure that if you have preload on your bushing you would have to use a bit of force to get the bracket level b4 putin bolts in or use bolts to straighten things out by tightening one at a time till others go in. If bracket naturally sits in final position while weight taken off of sudpension wouldnt that mean bushing are at no load at that point and would then be loaded all the time when car weight is applied to susp? Not tryin to be a dick just wanna figure out a satisfactory answer for myself i guess. I know it doesnt need to be exact science but i do like parts to last as long as possible and maybe it wouldnt matter so much sitting with bit of load as it does when baggin corner sideways hitting cracks in road

Dude, stop, you're over thinking.

In order to reinstall the RTAB bracket you will have to jack up the RTA to approximately its final ride height for the bracket sits flush - the bracket will not sit flush with the suspension fully extended (aka no weight) if you have set preload correctly.

The RTAB DIYs miss this step cause the DIYs are for poly bushings with no preload, so you can attach the RTAB bracket with the suspension fully extended.

You'll realize all this once you get into it.
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