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Originally Posted by HyeWarrior View Post
I feel like an idiot. Especially after making a thread a few weeks ago about how well things were going with a certain chick.

We've gone out at least 8 times. Things were going great from what I thought. We were supposed to do something this weekend too, but she just told me to come over since she was busy and didn't have time to get ready. I go over to her place, her and her older sister make deserts and we go get take-out. Everything was going fine, just chilled, stayed in for the night, watched a movie, whatever. End of the night, I bring up something thats been bugging me. I ask if its safe to say we're not seeing other people. She says yes, but, that she's too busy to get into anything too serious. Normally, I wouldn't care, but it's not like I've gotten much action to consider this just a 'friends with benefits' sort of thing. We've barely talked since Saturday, and its been tense everytime we do. I think I just catapulted into the friend zone. I can't believe I wasted so much time, money and effort.

I'm livid, depressed, and pissed all at the same time. First time anything like this has ever happened. I feel like a fool.

If you've been out 8 times, it's nice that she said "yes...she's not seeing anyone." It's also understandable that she's not ready to get into anything serious. Not knowing how old you were, I can only surmise (I didn't read your other thread) that you thought she was the one and wanted her to think the same of you.

It's better you know. But, you have the enviable position of having a friend with benefits and you can still troll for other women with her...discreetly, of course. Wear mirrored sunglasses (they still in?).

Don't be angry, depressed, or pissed. Be happy that you learned that the spark she feels for you is less than you wanted it to be. Perhaps, also, you could, how shall I say...add to your repertoire. Watch Colbert Re-runs and maybe you'll find a spot you can use to your advantage...but do not ever speak of this spot again or its power will be lessened by becoming common.

She'll say things like "I'll never be able to be with another man now, dammit!" Don't gloat or smirk.

Next Wednesday around 12:47 p.m. they'll be a brunette entering a door you're leaving from. Turn around and tell her I said "hi"

She'll go "****" and you go "no seriously, dmax said "hi""

I think you'll know what to do from there.

What else? Trim your fingernails and file them smoother.

Do I have to do everything around here?
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