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Originally Posted by 323tom View Post
Nope Iboost 3 out of 5 was the highest which was about 22 psi and I tried nos but I had a random loud popping noise at 4k which I notified Larry about and he told me that's the traction control kicking in? I wanted to try Iboost 5 4/5 but the car also shakes to the point I don't feel comfortable going high speeds and im pretty sure it's the driveshaft, I want everything perfect before I go all out
My one piece drive shaft shakes around 100mph+.. it shakes more on decel then accel.. it seems when its unloaded it shakes more. If I decel with the clutch engaged its not as bad as if I depress the clutch after a big 130mph+ pull.

I'll be swapping my two piece back in for the event... just as you mentioned, I also am not a fan of 'shaking' at 130mph+.

The loud popping you heard is the traction control when its trying to hard to maintain traction. If you're just loosing a bit of traction its only barely audible.. but if you blow the tires off it you can get a back fire/popping sound sometimes. If I run level 4 (30lbs) or more I get that same loud pop.

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