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Originally Posted by HyeWarrior View Post
I feel like an idiot. Especially after making a thread a few weeks ago about how well things were going with a certain chick.

We've gone out at least 8 times. Things were going great from what I thought. We were supposed to do something this weekend too, but she just told me to come over since she was busy and didn't have time to get ready. I go over to her place, her and her older sister make deserts and we go get take-out. Everything was going fine, just chilled, stayed in for the night, watched a movie, whatever. End of the night, I bring up something thats been bugging me. I ask if its safe to say we're not seeing other people. She says yes, but, that she's too busy to get into anything too serious. Normally, I wouldn't care, but it's not like I've gotten much action to consider this just a 'friends with benefits' sort of thing. We've barely talked since Saturday, and its been tense everytime we do. I think I just catapulted into the friend zone. I can't believe I wasted so much time, money and effort.

I'm livid, depressed, and pissed all at the same time. First time anything like this has ever happened. I feel like a fool.

Maybe she really liked you for the first seven dates and then realized that you weren't someone she really saw herself with long-term. So rather than drag things out she tried to let you down easy.
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