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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
That actually was me. to me.
I was saying there was only the 13.7:1 ratio racks equipped from the factory on 330s. Which many argued and we find again is in fact True. BUT my reasoning it should have the same "feel"...which if what's been said last pages (if correct) Not correct in the regard of less boost. ..sorry about that Sean
Since there is said to be the other ZF 13.7:1 rack that is internally valved different and has more boost than the other. *Of note is that either of the (three?) are absolutely still a tighter quicker steering ratio than the 15.5:1 early ratio.
So again, there is no specific special run made "zhp" rack as been argued by some and NO the internals are not different in the .712 rack because it's a "zhp". The rack they seem to get is the same rack .712 that BMW has had out on 330s years before the "zhp" was released.

the TRW rack is the third possible rack one could find. i don't have the info to say when, why or how many were fitted. but it's not the sportier feel of the ZF .712 rack
i think the whole point is, the zhp will always get the 712 rack where as the regular 330 is a crapshoot between 3 different racks.
so for a VERY vague ratio: 100% of zhps will have nice steering from the 712. 30% of 330s will have nice steering from the 712.
this leaves a 60% possibility of someone noting an improvement when driving a zhp after owning a regular 330. this is why some people, but not all, note a better feel in the zhp.
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