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-What was the reason why you got into cars?

I was always into cars. Eversince i was a child. I now work in a bodyshop painting and restoring and repairing. So even now cars are a big part of my everyday life.

-Why did you choose the e46?

I borrowed my friends coupe for a few days when my other vehicle had broken down. I ended up buying it. Its was a nice car to drive so i decided to keep it.

-Why do you modify your car?

To attract more ladies.

-What are your views on other car cultures?

I am open minded. I like more track related cars. I love 70's and 80's era cars. I would rather sit in a car with a roll cage than a proper stanced camber car. My brother however is heavily into the stance euro / dub scene. So i attend events with him and know how to appreciate their cars because the euro boys know how to look after their cars.

-What car subculture do you associate with?

Suttle i suppose.


A set of wheels and coilovers and a few neat touches are enough for me.

-What do you consider a "proper" car?

My car. I like it. Thats the way i want it. Simple.

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