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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
No the whole point was that the 330zhp had a specific unique and special 13.7 ratio that was ONLY found on it. And that you had to get a rack out of a zhp to get this rack. We found, and argued til blue it had the same 13.7 quick ratio as other 330s. But now we are told there likely are other 13.7 ratio racks for the E46 that made it into cars. These are not as coveted as the ZF .712.

So to be sure get it out of a 330zhp. If not, be sure it's the .712 ZF rack out of an E46.

I don't know where you get your figures/percentages, but they are in no way facts at this point. Let's not rush it. I do however feel Rich is correct to bring forth the different valving the .712 Yellow tag has. That's important and absolutley changes things!
But until some people in the USA start posting up there 330 factory equipped .678 racks in later production 330s it will be hard to say. It could be as simple as some .678 racks were in some BMW factories, maybe the whole USA overboosted rack retrofit and stopping of these being fitted and made for BMWUSA delivery? Maybe they are only on the 325s or wagons or convetibles?? I don't know yet but look forward to finding out if there is a pattern.
my percentages were just random figures to help illustrate things for people like mango. it just helps show that there were other racks used in the 330 and that not all of them had the 712 rack. i do agree it would be cool to figure out exactly how many had which racks. i guess we'll have to wait and see.
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