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Originally Posted by BMW-UDM View Post
How do the center sizes now have to do with my bubble lips? And congrats on the refinsh. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to do that btw, but I suppose congrats are due.. My previous comment wasn't for you to take offense. Could give a sh!t what you think abt my car, as its mine, lol your 19 rims as huge, yet so euro, lmao
lol my car is not euro themed whatsoever. I have my car styled in a clean JDM way. I was simply saying that I think the wheels would look better with 17"centers, Like heksagone's blue M coupe. The bubble lips with 16" centers look silly IN MY OPINION. To each their own but calling my wheels huge is silly too...the car came with 19's OEM.

Anyways, for a positive comment, I will always love bbs rs and yours are no exception, its just not what I would do personally. Also the pictures may make them look weird, so i cant wait for a legit photoshoot!

No disrespect man, I can respect anyone who builds wheels themselves and isnt running replicas.

Moving on.... MOAR PICS PLZ
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