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Originally Posted by Jello63 View Post
LMAO. It is a bit that way I guess. When I got my license (Many moons ago) there was no such laws for young drivers, you could drive a GTHO Falcon with no issues. But these days, they do limit young drivers here as to what they can drive, no turbo's, no V8's. My daughter wanted an RX8, but again it's a no no here until she has her full license.

So you guys are saying no M sport badge on any 3 series unless it is fact an M3? Our 318i has been optioned with a heap of M sport gear & has M badges everywhere but externally. It's a BMW Individual.
I dont see what the problem is. It was the best thing the government has done limiting the cars which our stupid, irresponsible p platers can drive. Im hoping they up the legal drinking age to 21 soon too. The younger kids these days are becoming even more stupid then 18 year olds from 10 years ago.
What's 50 grand to a ma'fkr like me? Can you please remind me.

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