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-What was the reason why you got into cars?

I was always gravitated toward cars when I was a kid as many boys are, but it didn't really hit me until I bought a car that performed. Before the e46 I had a pickup, and didn't do any modding or diy work.

-Why did you choose the e46?

My dad had a nice e36 sedan when I was about 16yo, from the moment I got into the car I loved it and decided that I was going to work toward a BMW, most likey an e36. Eventually I was able to afford one, and the e46 was in better condition at the time then any e36s I could find. And I had grown to love the curved finish over the e36, but not so curved like the e9x.

-Why do you modify your car? or why you don't modify your car?

Only modifications were lighting mods, LED interior and license plate lights, angel eyes, and LED tails. Clear corners and sidemakers. Just personalized the car to where I wanted it. When it comes to performance parts, I stick to OEM.

-What are your views on other car subcultures? (ex.Stance, purists, track-oriented cars.)

To each their own, except you stance guys (jk). Everyone has their own opinions, and their own cars, and I respect that.

-What car subculture do you associate with? Why?

I'm not a total purist, but have purist tendencies, and at the same time don't track at all, but look to do it in the future.

-What do you consider a "proper" car?

Something that's clean, well taken care of, and runs smoothly. Can't stand it when people mistreat their cars.

-What do you think a car enthusiast is?

Someone who cares enough to do their own work, learn everything about their car that is possible, and look forward to driving and working on the car more then anything else.

Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
A BMW with angel eyes that didn't come with them from the factory looks really teenage. Trust us!
I totally disagree Mango, I prefer the LED AEs to the e9x angel eyes. I do like the f30, but those tend to be more along the lines of my orions IMO.
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