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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Just so there's no confusion...this thread is not questioning just one FI company. I'm taking them ALL on so AA, ESS, VF, or whomever else made an MS45 kit should address this to customers that intend to use their FI's MS45 330 on the track. Because everyone wants to hear that their kits can take anything to include track abuse so they can sell more kits. For the sake of other fanatics...I don't think that's true.
Personally, I've always gotten the feeling that AA pushes the motors toward the ragged edge of their durability when it comes to their FI kits. ESS has always been reserved about pushing the engines to their limits.

I've also noticed that there have been a lot of issues with tunes with AA that have been magically fixed with a new tune. ESS has also had 1 or 2 such issues but it seems that AA has a much bigger issue with this. Maybe they just sell more kits, therefore percentage of error by sales may be the same.

Maybe I'm just a lucky one, but my motor gets beaten a lot and I've never had an issue out of it. Like I said, many mountains runs, too many autocrosses in the dead of summer, day at Road Atlanta, Carolina Motorsports Park, and most recently, 3 hours of driving at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP). Drove sooo much there that I wore down a completely brand new set of R888's nearly down to the wear bars.

I know AA sells a lot of kits. They do this because in a lot of their advertising they claim more power than any other kit out there, which is almost always 100% true. But how do they get there? They push their kits to the limit. They have an aggressive tune and probably push the limit of boost that the engine can handle. Great for power, but when something starts to go wrong, it goes wrong quickly. There is no safety net to fall back on.

I have never had any major concerns with my TS system in the over 70,000 miles I've had it. My MS45 ESS TS2 runs flawlessly and every time I step on the throttle, it puts a smile on my face.

I think you are just in a bad situation with a kit that had a very short production run, a kit that was already pushing the limits of your engine, and now you are compounding your issues with people that don't know how to work on your car.

Something else to think about....... ESS never came out with a twinscrew stage 3 kit (14-15 lbs boost?) for the MS45 engine management. Only for the MS43. Food for thought.

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