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-What was the reason why you got into cars?
Vanishing Point
Gumball Rally
Cannonball Run

-Why did you choose the e46?

Because I became addicted to BMW 8 years ago by way of my first BMW; an X3 6 M/T M54 B30, I traded it in for an e46, and three e46ers later my infatuation continues to grow.

-Why do you modify your car?
Because I'm a 323i owner

-What are your views on other car subcultures? (ex.Stance, purists, track-oriented cars.)

Stancework style is ugly.

Track cars are track cars, purpose built.

-What car subculture do you associate with? Why?
No Affiliation.

*edit I'm in the Preventative Maintenance Crew.

Solo Canyonist here.

-What do you consider a "proper" car?
One that makes your fizzy bit tingle.

-What do you think a car enthusiast is?
Someone who is rather enthusiastic about cars.

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