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Someone had already explained how to disable it with a push of a button. Many of us just wanted to emphasize that it made no sense to permanently disable the system (Thats why BMW made a way to do so temporarily with a push of a button). The original question was how to delete traction control. Many were simply trying to help by guiding him to a simpler and more effective solution.

Last winter, (my friend who runs around at all times with his traction turned off because he thinks of it as a band-aid and an unnecessary nanny) was gently accelerating around a corner that turned out to be ice covered and smoked the back quarter of his car on a road sign. There's no doubt that with traction on he never would have lost it. He's a good driver, but you can't be switched on at all times to be ready for that sort of thing.

I track the car in the rain with the system turned on. Its faster that way.

The OP's question was answered and we were all simply providing additional insight to help make an informed decision, that is all.

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