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Alrighty well i will be getting back in the states tomorrow from vacation, so let the testing begin!!! First I'm going to take it to a BMW dealer in the area and get the "pre purchase 100 point inspection" Thats going to run me about $100. BMW wanted $175 to do the compression test but i found a BMW master tech at a euro only shop thats going to do it for me for $75!! I hoping the are running at 5-10% of each other (as told by an Active autowerkes mechanic).

If it all checks out Ill buy the car friday or saturday. Then my plan is, the first "mod" or money i put into the car is going to be taking it to Active Autowerkes in Miami and letting them do what they do best and tune the car and replace things that they say needs replacing. My goal for that visit is to keep it right around the $1000 mark.

I know people told me to keep and extra 2-3K extra to fix things, but I'm hoping to do that in increments seeing how I'm only 24 and 3K in one visit is a bit much!!

How does this sound to y'all? would YOU do anything different? switch up the order? Take it somewhere else? Take into consideration that it all checks out.....

Again, thanks a TON y'all.
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