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In a world market full of front wheel driven clown cars, mid size cars that become throw-away items in under 100k. Luxury cars that squeek, rattle, and enough cabin noise to justify ear protection.
I just wanted something of relative comfort/quality/performance.
The 325i is not a class leader in any one of those catagories, but it's certainly a top contender.
I just wanted something I could anticipate getting 200k miles out of without too much fuss or worry.
I was sick and tired of the "quality" of Chevy/Ford/Dodge/Audi
Same with my two-wheeled commuter. I have run all the Japanese brands since 1977 and though some models still have me grinning, it was time for a bimmer. There is no question in my mind it will last 3 times longer than any other brand I had owned.
But for status??
I have plenty of toys, but I'm more proud of being married for over 30 my first wife...who's a woman....and she was born of that gender....
and my adult Sons both work.... and have no bastard children...and have no visible tattoos...or metal bits hanging from their faces......and my 14 year old daughter is still in school...and is not of this writing.

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