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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
well Rich has said a few things and i agree his experience rebuilding E46 racks up to 12 yrs is above anyone else's here. but he is relying on some info from customers or salvage yards. that could be misleading if people provide him with incorrect info or if the rack isn't original equipment. example: he said he has recieved the .712 from a 323. i don't know anyone here that knows more about the 323 than me. the E46 323 never came with the 13.7 ratio rack from the factory. that is a FACT. the 13.7 was introduced later in the 330 after the 323 stopped being made. i have plenty of articles, bmw brochures and internal documents with this info (being an original '00 323Ci owner). the 15.5:1 was the ratio so something is amiss there. retrofitted or mistaken when sent in is a better bet. other unfortunate part of his data is that unless he is pulling it from the car himself, he's relying on someone else's info. i trust him, not the "general Q public" that aren't into cars so much. i doubt he would argue he doesn't get some numbskulls as customers that give him incorrect info from time to time.
the other things is that 330i/ci/cic-zh package were around for what, some 24-28 months for each model left in E46 production. that's not many. and of those late yrs that they were available there were so many more 325/330i/xi/iT/Ci/Cic in zsp and non-zsp. so statistically his shop shouldn't have come across that many 330-zhp .712 racks. if that be the case it would be more reasonable to deduce then if they break down that much for him to rebuild, the .712 rack is flawed(and i'm not saying that). the 330-zhp is the last yrs of each E46 model and "should" not have as many miles as the earlier year(or same years) 323/328/325/330s. so one really should not see that many of them??

i hope this comes off as reasonable/plausible to those reading and not being unwilling to move forward. it's late but i hope the reasoning behind it all solid and presented well enough to consider point presented. thanks.
Although we don't agree on maintenance topics, this is a quality post and I agree with this man. I hope you're OK with the name "Grand Kodiak."

Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
let's not get conceited/arrogant shall we? I can name a few members from the top of my head (hint...MITe46 who converted his 323 to an M3).

The 323 with a 712 rack is impossible since the production date for the car and rack doesn't match. However, this doesn't mean Rich is providing inaccurate info. Maybe the 323 owner had his original rack replaced by a 712 and then turn it (712) as a core years later.
Also a good point, Flash but Alex isn't being conceited. I do know he's on top of his game when it comes to BMW facts, figures, and trivia. He's earned the right to come off as confident about his stuff.

As Rich said and as I pointed out, we don't know the history of the cars he's received racks from. So if there's any weird stuff like getting racks from cars that they don't belong on, it could be it was swapped out at some point. Cars get in fender benders with cracked racks all the time and body shops replace them with g-d knows what.
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