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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Well, there is your problem(s). Good luck putting back that CCV to Vanos hose back (number 4). It'll be a PITA. There should be a number on that hose indicating the manufacturing date. If there isn't one, you have a stock hose, which means that the hose and the rest of the CCV system is as old as the car. Might as well bite the bullet and replace the entire CCV system along with hoses.

Broken SAP hose will cause a lean condition.
I thought the broken SAP hose would only lean out while the SAP was running at startup?

Anyway, replaced the above items, and all seems well. Yeah, that #4 item was a huge PITA to get to. The lower hose was soft, but didn't have any obvious holes. I'm now getting STFTs generally <3%. At idle it's -.8 to +.8 (in the high teens/low 20's prior). LTFTs are now around 5 (10 before). 600 miles with no codes now.
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