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Originally Posted by figuej View Post
Thanks for answering - Yes , I did look at your thread and used to check few thinks..
O2 - pre cat sensors are new -- few weeks old.
O2 - after cat - never change - my car has close to 160,000 miles - no problems , starts ok - MPG lower than used to , but not too much - MAF close to two and half years old , will try to clean it. .. But since millage is high in my car I am considering changing the two catalyst converter , not for BMW ones but for the aftermarket (BAvarian and Turner - ad for $400 each) , they look ok maybe a little better than stock ones. also change the after cat sensors

What's interesting is that my car started getting the P1192 code right after I change from stock air intake filter to a K&N filter....sometimes the code dissapears , then comes back when the car drives on bad roads

Vacuum test was ok -- did smoke test and no leaks...
Yeah, keep me in the loop... I also found a broken hose to my secondary air injection system which one of my mechanic friends thinks was causing a vacuum leak elsewhere, but I'm not sure what else it's connected to? But that code is the one that has consistently popped up, so hopefully with the vacuum hose fixed and all the O2 sensors replaced it will stay off!
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