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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Although we don't agree on maintenance topics, this is a quality post and I agree with this man. I hope you're OK with the name "Grand Kodiak."

Also a good point, Flash but Alex isn't being conceited. I do know he's on top of his game when it comes to BMW facts, figures, and trivia. He's earned the right to come off as confident about his stuff.

As Rich said and as I pointed out, we don't know the history of the cars he's received racks from. So if there's any weird stuff like getting racks from cars that they don't belong on, it could be it was swapped out at some point. Cars get in fender benders with cracked racks all the time and body shops replace them with g-d knows what.
With all this being said, it would be nice to get some pictures of purple tags or TRW tags from various USA 01+ cars so that we can verify that they were actually put on those cars despite what realoem says.
If he can come up with multiple cases of '01+ 330s returning 678 racks then it couldn't be a fluke.

Like I said, I will edit my other thread as more facts become available
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