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k Khoalty - Re-evaluation, company status, and the BMW E46.


So - we've been MIA from the forums for quite a few months now. Sorry in advance for not assisting on threads where we should be, or answering service and product questions when they are asked. We've been adding products, and trying to pack our warehouse full of everything and anything you could want for your BMW E46's.

As you've probably noticed, other vendors are opening up wholesale accounts left and right with some big names, wheel companies, suspension companies, and performance companies, and are very quickly dropping all E46 products. Some of the biggest names around on this forum only 12 months ago have either went under, or went somewhere else with their 'dedication' to the community. They aren't dedicated to anything, they will move and blend in where they can, we see a company who swears by the BMW community opening up to Scion and Toyota markets (which is only because the FR-S is a hot selling car this year, not because of any other reason, just trying to make a buck where they feel they can by drop shipping products from all over the country and raping your wallets with excessive margin)

We are still here, stronger than ever, and busier than ever, getting orders out timely, getting new products in every quarter, and completely leveling the field when it comes to pricing and shipping costs, you can't beat our pricing, and you can't beat free shipping.

We compare our pricing often, and size up our competition almost constantly, without us doing that we would not have brought the products we have, at the prices we have, to you, the E46 community. We started with you, and we don't plan on leaving. I can't name names, but look at those other guys who force fed their products everywhere they could, they don't even list E46 products on their sites anymore, whereas we feature them. Obviously they are in markets they are in to make a quick buck, we have ALWAYS been about the community, our pricing has always been killer, and it's only gone down from years ago when we started, not up.

There are few, if any at all, who offer the product lines we do today, they feel the newer cars have more money and higher margins, that may be true, but we aren't going anywhere. The newer cars are neat, yes, but do they have the community and customizable chassis that the E46 has? We don't feel they do.

Grilles, corner lights, side markers, bumpers, lips, splitters, spoilers (soon), and resistor packs for the EE and DEPO tails (incase yours are years old and are having issues), headlights, interior and exterior LED's, CREE quality bulbs when necessary, etc etc etc. All for the E46, I don't see a single vendor on this forum still offering all the goodies you want at any affordable cost, if at all. They've all jumped ship into the new 3er's, some even skipping the E9X and jumping right to the new F series.

We're here to stay, and if there's anything you feel we should be carrying or doing differently, let us know, because we will not be removing any products off our site, we don't care if we make nothing on them (corners, for example), we keep them because we know your options of where to buy are running slim, and it looks like it's getting more and more narrow over time.

Look forward to our christmas specials, as always they will be relevant to what this forum and community wants, no random exhausts and /still/ overpriced and dropshipped suspension items. Let us know what you want to see, I'll see if we can offer it at a discounted price. New shipping rates are being worked out with a few of the shipping companies, hoping it's locked in soon so we can get you what you want, for the car you love, cheap and quick.

Thanks for reading my little rant, back to work I go!

Any other questions or comments?


Khoalty BMW Accessories

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925 Hale Place, Suite B3
Chula Vista, CA 91914

Monday - Friday 9a - 5p PST

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