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Originally Posted by RJDaly28 View Post
I have only had mine for about a week, but I've run into and fixed/answered all of these things. (With a little help from this forum)

1) That should be the battery status on your cell phone. I'm assuming you are using the bluetooth feature.

2) This was happening to me too on a number of apps. Once I put an SD card in for the Android side and moved some apps to the SD card that stopped happening. Why, I am not sure, but it seems to have corrected the issue.

3) This was driving me nuts until Jeff helped me with it. Go into the settings menu on the radio side (not the android side) and go into "System" and change the option for navi sound. Go back over to the android side and set the volume at about 2/3 volume. Now you can just use the volume knob to set volume for Android. Works great.

4) The card to reflash firmware would go into the front left side MicroSD slot.

5) I'm not sure what the max is, but I've used an 8GB and a 32GB with no problems. You do need to format the cards so the unit can see them.

6) You can't upgrade the memory. Unfortunately is a little limited. Move everything you can to the SD card.

Hope thats helpful.
Thanks very much for your advice, I have just about got everything sorted out now, I reflashed the android system earlier which seemed to sort out the issue with Gmail, and then reinstalled the speech app and that was also sorted out.
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