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********************** Update ****************************

I just recently fix a few vacuum leaks hoping that it would fix the problem, but its still there.

Altho the holding at a certain RPM has stopped, After the shift it still gives me a transmission light and shifts rough.

I scanned the car with INPA and I got 2 codes.

8 Air Flow Meter

Error frequency : 11

Logistic counter: 40

N_32 6336.00 rpm
THR 60.21 Grad TPS
ISAPWN_ISA 94.92 %
VMAF 4.88 V
aufgetreten vor (rel. BZ) 1.30 h

ks--> ubatt
Error to relevant
Error debounce
Error currently not available
sporadic Error


146 Can Moment interface

Error frequency : 1

Logistic counter: 0

KM value 225330.00 km
Changing gear 1.00 0/1
Last Change: Changing up 2->3 33.00 0-n
Engine speed 6112.00 rpm
throttle-valve angle 100.00 %

General error
Sporadic error

If anyone has any suggestion please let me know.
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