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Originally Posted by stosh1 View Post
Hmmm, yeah, your numbers do seem a bit on the low side w/those mods...as I would expect somewhere around 290ish w/o software. Your AFR #'s look decent as well, although the scaling makes it a little difficult to read, and certainly not off enough to cause any serious reduction in power. I'm sure that your car would still respond to software though w/more optimized ignition and cam timing values. Could also be a very low reading Dynojet...yes, they are out there!

Also, you might want to do a full compression/leakdown test just to confirm the general health of the motor.
Yeah, that's next. I guess I should do it before the software.

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
It's probably a combination of the engine pulling timing and needing a valve adjustment (espcially if you drive it a bit harder than most)
The previous owner did a valve adjustment, then I had one done not long ago and only a few of them needed adjusting. I do drive hard though. It's had probably 5 full track days since the adjustment.

Originally Posted by stosh1 View Post
Meh, could be, but the graph will usually spike a little bit (or a lot in some cases) when timing is being pulled and his curve looks pretty smooth. I believe that he also said that the temps were on the cool side, which would help fight off detonation/prevent timing from being pulled.
Yes, ambient temp was plenty cool. My fuel was all fresh 93 octane from BP.

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