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Originally Posted by YOLO89 View Post
Can always count on Tony "elite" Romo to make a solid final drive. Needs 80 yards and decides to do back to back > 10 yard passes lol...Hopeless

He and his teammates need to compete with the same motivation throughout the game, not just when 'they need it'. The quarters are only 15m. That is only 60 minutes of playing time. Not to much to ask when you are only performing for 1 hour 1 day a week and making millions to do it.

Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
Jerry Jones said today he would never give up his title as GM... until we get a solid head coach that can lead this team to victory, despite Jones' horrible choices as GM, we are doomed.

Sean Payton, please.
If I owned a company that was worth 1BN I would not give up management responsibilities either. Especially if I was writing the checks. His son is very active in the day to day management, maybe he should be assigned more responsibility.

I think Sean Payton was an assistant manager at Dallas around 2002,2003. So he and Jerry know each other well. I don't like the pay for bounty thing he was caught up in last year. I am not so sure his reputation is a good thing to associate with Dallas even if he did deny involvement.

He said that he had performance bonuses, but denied paying to hurt people.
I don't honestly know.....but I do that being a head coach at Dallas is a job that about 100 other qualified people would be willing to accept. He might want to check them out first.
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