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Originally Posted by VIKTR View Post
Low speed collision with an SUV

Front end folded up like tin foil

As far as I can tell, the cooling system is shot, but no engine damage

Should I fix it or start over?
Thats a loaded question, I guess mostly it depends on what your insurance company is doing (if anything) and what your current financial status is...

If they want to total it, I would let it go.

If they want to fix it, let a professional shop (with good history) repair it, but then you still might want to move on. If/when the incident hits carfax/auto-check the value will be lowered on the car because it now has a "stain" on its history.

If for some reason you don't have full coverage, or don't want to claim it, then it depends on if your handy or not. If you are, you could probably fix it yourself excluding paint work.

Best of luck!

PS: If the same thing were to happen to my e46, I would probably........ buy another e46, I just love this car, perfect size, great power to weight ratio, etc, etc, etc...

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