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Originally Posted by Skchamaa11 View Post
their is a reason why nobody ever buys racelands.
I actually installed 4 sets of RL's last month, I just think the owners dont post about it. Comparing RL's to something like KW's or H&R's is like comparing a Smart car to an M3. Point is that for everyday commuting around town the Smart is fine, but when you hit the highways, well now you want something like the M. Same would go for RL's. For slamming and normal driving they're fine, but if you push the car hard, now you want to be on a better set of coilovers. It just matters on the use and budget of the driver. On a side note we have installed a Street Edge set on a 325i I own and I have nothing but good things to say. I will give a full review in the Street Edge post as soon as I detox from SEMA.
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