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Originally Posted by ///Pulo View Post
honestly guys, grow up, get the **** over it... don't like the program change the ****en channel. let him do what he wants with his badge, who cares. kid you shouldn't have taken it off because of what these people have said. your all making a huge issue over something so miniscule. its a badge FFS. most the people complaining are probably old, and pissed off a car they once spent $140g on is now worth sub 40's and kids are starting to get their hands on them.

the cop has all the rights to pull you over for the badge. he just doesn't know the difference between an M and a non-M... in fact a friend of mine on his P's drives a de-badged M3 on his P's and has never gotten any cop attention.
BUT what the cop said about the badge being illegal is a load of absolute ****.

could have swarn all msport individuals had black headlight trims, not silver.
Originally Posted by Miss325 View Post
I used to think that was the case, but have nfi how my car came to have the silver trim. It isn't because it is an Msport, isn't because it is an Individual (was delivered from factory like this)... My guess is they didn't have black within arms reach in the factory so they popped in the silver
she's also got head light washers on a 325..

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Originally Posted by all4show View Post
who da F done that?
prestige warehouse or who?
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