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Originally Posted by gselsidi View Post
Well it seems like a lot of things are covered, will find out once I take it to the dealer. I was getting worried about having this engine but it might be a blessing in disguise having such a high unheard of warranty of 150k on a good chunk of components that usually fail. Only problem is that fuel tank outside of warranty lol, but I bought the car for so little I can still sell it later probably.

Has any place addressed the fuel pump issue for these cars? I know my acuras fuel pump is in the gas tank also. Anyone make an after market fuel pump you can just drop the tank and replace instead of replacing everything?
Nope. No aftermarket pumps. You couldn't remove the pump unless you cut into your gas tank, unlike all the other cars which got serviceable/replaceable pieces. I've heard of people saying they were going to attempt doing so to replace their pump with an M54 unit but never actually heard of anyone actually going through with it.
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