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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Ahahahaha, you deserve to be pulled over for putting an M sticker on your stock 323ci with ugly chrome wheels.

I want to shake this cop's hand and buy him a drink.
Wow I haven't posted in a while but this has to be said.

You calling something ugly has no weight behind it.

You drive the ugliest car I've seen in my life and the fact that you more than likely paid a considerable amount for it makes that fact, to me, even funnier. Just my opinion ofcourse.

Walking out to a W201 that looks like that would make me die a little inside if I owned it, special history or not.

Everyone needs to wash the sand out of their vaginas over this guys personal preference. Each to their own.

She's just a mazda coupe with a wankel mill, but she'll walk a skyline like it's standin still. I get pushed out of shape and she's hard to steer, but i get rubber in all four gears...

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