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D99+ SD/USB Menu

Hi Jeff,

Hope you can help me out on this, I just had the D99+ installed, everything worked fine, had it installed in a shop locally here in Asia.

Need some help and input on the following - the DVD/SD/USB menu screen, I am not able to access the menu during video play back. When I plug in the uSD (32G/FAT32/C10) or USB that contain MP4 files, it will jump right into play the video file, however, during video play back, no matter what I do and press, I am not able to access the menu list. If I press the virtual key that look like a folder under the virtual bar, nothing happens and the video just keep on playing.

The only way I can see the menu list is to play until the end of the last video file, than it will stop and go to the menu.

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