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My Ride: 2003 330XI
$5 mod is my $6 fail.

So I have a 2003 330xi, fairly stock, had it since 2005, and still get compliments often on it. I read about this lock beep mod. Yes my corners flash along with clown nose on lock and unlock. Had it activated when dealer was repairing melted wiring harness on tail light. But no beep. Trunk says per-wired for BMW security, but no beep. Figured was due to no alarm. No worries. Then I saw this and thought why not. $5 and 45 mins. I got both to spare. Got the 273-079 piezo buzzer from Radio Shack after work and got started. All went well until I pulled out the alarm harness. It wasn't wired with the same color wires. Top left red with black stripe. Bottom left blue with black stripe, top right, solid brown, bottom right black with red stripe. I tried same hole placement as the DIY showed and got nearly in audible two beep on unlock, nothing on lock. Then i opened door, turned key in ignition, put front window down, removed key, shut door and locked with key fob. I reached in to simulate a break in and hit e lock button. Nothing noise wise. But then when I went to remotely lock again, I got nothing. I opened the door, and the key in ignition buzzer was on but key in hand. Now every time drivers door is open, get key in ignition buzzer, and e remote lock/unlock has only worked three out of 20 or more attempts.

What did I do? Could it be a fuse? But if so, would not work at all did my reaching inside thru window somehow trigger something. Car has no alarm. It has never once failed when using keyfob to lock unlock. Has never made the key in ignition before either.

So now not only do I still not have a lock beep, (which is like $6.50 now) I no longer have keyless entry either. I have to put e key in the little tiny slit in the door like a schmuck and feel like an idiot because I am to blame.

Any help is really really appreciated. I've read this thread over and over. Some have said the two are coincidental, not related. They are 100% related. So about my wiring harness colors, what do I do. I tried diff configurations. I hooked e buzzer up to my cordless drill battery and it is not at fault. I should try to test current on the wires, and see what voltage ey put out I suppose. Could I have dislodged something while putting the cabin filter housing back? Help please. Please help.

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