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thats the actual car. the price/mileage/condition cant be beaten. those diesels really start getting nasty over the years and nearly no one takes care of them. the car he has now probably has seen 2 washes in its lifetime and it really shows. its getting close to 310,000 miles now too. we travel 60 miles one way to work every day and he wants another s class thats built like a tank should we happen to crash
I was going to say I've heard mixed reviews regarding the W140 diesels (with issues rivaling that of the V12) but that's probably because of what you said-these cars can take a beating so people just drive them to the ground, particularly once they get to the 2nd or 3rd owners who somehow think the running costs depreciate with the car's value. I am (very passively) looking for one, but I like the facelifted 500-long wheelbase, bigger of the two V8s, less complicated single IHKA unit, and none of the potential A/C/electrical gremlins that plague the earlier models. Although I do miss out on the pop-up rear parking poles and electric rearview mirror the earlier cars had.

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